Thursday, 31 January 2013

Glastonbury Goal

Hi There,

So I thought I would try and keep this blog machine moving by doing another. I am overwhelmed by all the help from one of my bestest friends who is also a blogger find hers HERE. She is an amazing blogger and the inspiration behind the reason that I have started this journey myself.

Anyway let me tell you all about my Glastonbury Goal.

I have been to Glastonbury before many years ago and I had the time of my life. So me and P decided that we would like to take our little one there to experience it too, it is AMAZING for kids. Obviously we will share who looks after her and who gets to see awesome bands. However if Mumford and Sons are on late she may be dragged there half asleep.

All of my adult life I have avoided shorts, specifically denim shorts. I just can not pull the look off. When I watch the coverage on BBC of all the young sexy things in their cut off denim shorts the green eyed monster comes out.
So When I started this weighwatching malarkey I wanted a goal that was reasonable. I decided to make size 12 in denim shorts in Glastobnury my goal. So Instead of looking like this ..

I want to look like this...

Completely understand that Vanessa Hudgens is a bit of a dingbat, however she can work festival chic.

When I started Fatfighters I was 15 stone 12, I am now 14 stone 11 so I am getting there. I can't wait to feel good in clothes!

Please help me by shouting at me about eating good food. I am truly overwhelmed by the support that complete strangers on Twitter offer me.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Birthday Party

So Saturday was my cousins and best friends daughters 1st birthday party, they are the same person. This is my complicated family life...!
Basically my friend C who I have been friends with since we were 8 married my uncle. Not in a pervy way, I always like to see people reactions to this piece of information. The cogs turning as they imagine a girl my age with my 60 yr old uncle. He isn't 60 he is 30 something I think 32.

So this was my first big challenge since getting back on the weightwatchers wagon driving to destination skinny bitch.

Kids screaming everywhere, apart from mine who is obviously good as gold..! Poor kid as she sat down to eat her plate of scran a little boy vommed in her food, then his brother knocked orange juice all over her. She was not happy!

So the food, it was the typical kids picniccy food, dangerous territory. I had however been informed before hand that adults were not getting the food, we were getting cake. This would not have stopped me, usually I would have probably offered to help tidy away, shoving mini sausages into my face on the way to the kitchen. However I DIDN'T. I even helped passed the big beautiful slabs of chocolate birthday cake to all the adults. I am such a helpful friend. UNLIKE some people.. @eve_says_so I am grassing you up here.

I turns around and E had been standing with her back to me wolfing down a slice of cake hoping that I wouldn't spot her. I totally have pictorial evidence of this but I am stupid and can't work out how to upload pics to this blog.

So after the party I was feeling pretty smug not having eaten anything at all. We all pile back to aunty C's house. What do they decide to do...order Chinese. It could have been worse I suppose. Picture me quickly searching on my weightwatchers app for how many pro points is in prawn toast trying to kid myself that as it has fish in it, it must be healthy. Even though it is probs quadruple fried in lard. So I went for foo young, basically an omelette. I even made it through the 2nd offering of cake.

I had my weigh in on tuesday and I lost 7lbs so I guess the moral of the story is avoid cake. Hope that a kid pukes on the bad food in front of you to help in lessening your appetite. Also that if you do have a hard time at least when you get on the scales you normally get the result that you worked for.

So if you need me I will be at the gym :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Are you like me the 'Fat Friend'?

I have been since I was 21. Here is what happened.


This is what turned me into the fat friend I have a couple of people to blame for this (I refuse to take full responsibility!) my best friend D and my Boyfriend P.

D and I used to have beige meals...this means that everything on the plate was the same colour, hash browns, potato croquettes, fish fingers, beans you get the idea. We were typical poor students so smart price freezer food was the way forward. Also major issue in that he worked at Greggs. He used to bring all of the left overs home for tea. All of this plus no money/desire to exercise contributed to the initial weight gain.

I met and P in the January of my first year at uni before the weight had been massivley gained. We are still together now and have a beautiful 3 yr old little girl. Now what I blame him and also LOVE him for is for not caring one little bit what size I am. I am so lucky that he tells me everyday how beautiful I am. In some silly ways I think it might have been helpful if he was more critical of my size but of course I don't really mean that!

Oh yeah I think that I have forgotten to mention that I worked at pizza hut...for 3 yrs. This certainly did not help.

The truth of the matter is that I never really noticed that I was putting on weight. It wasn't important to me in my university bubble.

The first time I noticed that I was very much overweight was when I got back my graduation photo. I would love to tell you all that i broke down in tears at the fat mess that I had become but i really didn't I just kind of thought 'Oh I look a bit different'.

Out of no where a few years later the fat friend complex came through. I am very very lucky to have very beautiful very healthy friends. They are literally all gorgeous. One of the friends K does go on diets too, but she is slimming from a size 12 which is my current aim!

Two of my very good friends got married in 2010 and I was a bridesmaid alongside the other ladies. Although they probably won't admit it but the style of dress that they both went for was more flattering to the larger lady. Even though I was the largest lady there!

I want to clarify in this my first blog post that I am not taking the title of Fat Friend as a bad thing. I am taking it as empowerment that I will no longer have that self imposed title. So if you would like to follow my journey I will try and keep it as interesting as possible starting with my cousins 1st birthday party this weekend and the challenges I may face...mmm birthday cake.

Please do comment as I want this to be as interactive as possible, any feedback/tips/chatter appreciated!